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As an artist, it is your responsibility to craft music that stands out; however, you are not solely responsible for the promotion too! So we take the burden off your shoulders and provide you cheap SoundCloud plays and followers to make your content discoverable to the masses. We believe the world of music has transformed significantly. The advancement in communication technologies encouraged music artists all over the globe to utilize the available platforms to send out their music to listeners across the world. As a music artist, one should understand how drastically the promotion has changed. Making an online portfolio of music is an easy task. However, promoting such kind of music isn’t, especially for a noob with no prior experience. To help DJs, singers and producers, we provide bespoke and cost-efficient services.

Buy SoundCloud plays to build authority

Every musician wants to get signed up with major record labels. However, when hundreds of other artists are also vying to get the same, how would you compete. It would be best to start with SoundCloud followers, plays and likes. The sad fact is no record label will give you the slightest attention unless you are already famous on the platform. We deliver quality SoundCloud plays that provide you with the credibility you need to compel your would-be audience that you are worth 3 minutes of their time.

Reasons you should purchase SoundCloud plays

SoundCloud is the largest audio sharing platform where musicians, DJs, producers share their content. Every audio will have a unique URL that enables you to listen to the music at the push of the button. Every young, as well as experienced musician, utilizes SoundCloud for some reason. Here are some of the reasons we suggest that you buy SoundCloud plays.

Instant attention

You don’t have to wander around or beg for attention. Instead, you can supercharge the track when buying SoundCloud plays from us. When you begin with thousands of plays, promotion of the track becomes an easy task.

Fame breeds fame

Unfortunately, people don’t give music a try that they feel people have not previously listened to. But it works differently when your music is already popular with thousands of plays. It will be like a snowball rolling down the hill; once it starts, it is never going to stop.

Make it go viral

When you get more and more plays, it boosts your content popularity and makes it the next viral sensation.

Work on Following strategies and Buy SoundCloud Plays for the lasting success

Marketing and promoting your career on SoundCloud should not merely confine Soundcloud itself – let it go beyond that. We suggest utilizing all social media channels so you can heap maximum benefit. Also, on the quest to take the easy road, never work with bogus sellers. They can risk your career and make your account shut down. We have year’s long experience in catering to for customer’s diverse needs. Contact us whether you want SoundCloud plays or want a bespoken strategy to gain organic popularity on one of the most famous streaming platforms.

Your music is the most prominent marketing

A crap music will not help – you may get the temporary exposure, but the long-term success will not be feasible. Long-term success is unlikely to come your way, no matter how much PR or marketing your track gets unless you work on your track. Remember, the golden rule of marketing stays the same; your music is the marketing and is related to the promotion process.

Repost chains

You can garner the force of multiple accounts in a streamlined and automated way. A repost chain is simply a group of people who repost a track at a timed interval. Get a few buddies in a chain, and each one submits a new track to the chain. There are various ways to start the reposting chain. Type the SoundCloud chain and witness many submissions to certain chains if you need exposure. But be mindful, if it can tarnish the image, then don’t go with it.

Make music discoverable

The discover tab exists so make it your aim to get featured on the new avenue of discovery. The best way to reach there is to work on your metadata. Let SoundCloud know what your data is all about. Here are some of the ways to get the most out of it.

  •       Name the track properly
  •       Get most of the description
  •       Use genre tags and relevant tag
  •       Work to get most from engagement metrics including likes and comments.

Focus more on the genre tags as they are the determiner where your music will be placed. Relevant metadata helps the platform go out into other services like Google and Binge, meaning the music can also show up on the search results.

Leverage existing audience

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel; utilize a group of people already following you. Don’t ignore the importance of an off-site audience; a blog or youtube channel tends to send a lot of followers your way. Apart from buying SoundCloud plays, you can utilize Youtube, personal blog, Spotify playlists, radio stations, influencers and hype machines. All they work in your favor and help you get a lot from the platform.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about buying SoundCloud plays. If you have a question that is not listed below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

 Why choose Buzzoid?

Buzzoid works differently than typical companies. We create a bespoke plan on demand and stay determined in providing legitimate services to our customers. We have a music blog network that on a daily basis generates thousands of unique visitors. 

 How to buy SoundCloud plays from Buzzoid?

Buying SoundCloud plays from Buzzoid is a simple process. Select the package of your choice, share the URL, follow the SSL secure checkout to complete the payment, and boom, you’ve got SoundCloud plays.

Is it safe to buy SoundCloud plays?

There is nothing illegal or bad in purchasing SoundCloud plays. However, it is your responsibility to count upon a reliable seller who understands the rules and regulations of the platform so you can reduce the risk of your account being shadowed.

How can I count SoundCloud plays?

Every time the button is clicked by a user, SoundCloud play is counted. However, when the artist itself clicks on their  track then it is not counted as ‘ Play ‘. The track plays are right beneath the track stat below the song. However if the user is listening while they are not logged in then SoundCloud will update it within 24h.

How long will it take for my order to process?

Time is money, and we don’t take long to process your order. So the moment you make the payment, the order will be processed, and you will start gaining Soundcloud plays quite instantly.

What is the difference between high quality vs low quality ‘PLAYS’?

We understand that individual needs vary! For example, a person X may be more quality oriented, while person Y will go for the cost-efficient option. To fulfill the different needs, we have created high-quality SoundCloud plays, and Low-quality SoundCloud plays. The former works manually, whereas the latter works in an automated fashion.