Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently Asked Questions!

Is it legit to buy Instagram followers?

There is no concrete evidence that buying followers is prohibited on Instagram. However, buying bots or fake followers do violate Instagram terms and condition. You can minimize the chances of being banned by buying active and real followers from a decent seller.

Do Instagram followers help my business to grow?

When it comes to a platform like Instagram, the higher number of followers determines how successful the brand is. With Buzzoid, you can buy years worth of followers all at once. Moreover, more followers make your profile look more credible, and this even helps you to compete with the other bigger brands of your industry.

How can I pay for my followers?

We use PayPal and credit card for all transactions. In our experience, it is the most secure and safest method for online payments. We will neither ask you to provide any sensitive information, nor do we store any detail.

How long does it to take to receive an order?

Once you place the order, you will start witnessing the followers appearing in as little as 15 minutes. Unlike others, we don’t take days to deliver the services; our system is advanced and quick. Simply place an order and make sure the account is public, and in some minutes, you will start gaining followers, likes, or views.

How long do followers last? Are they permanent?

We supply real and active followers, and we encourage them to follow you as long as possible. Followers strictly obey Instagram guideline, so chances are very less you lose them. Our team monitors your account for a week to ensure your account is successfully maintaining the target amount of followers.


Replenishment will be delivered to your account whenever a drop has been detected from our system.

Why do my Instagram followers drop?

Instagram tends to delete the accounts a user marks spam; this causes followers to drop. If you experience drops within a month of your purchase, contact the customer support, and we will refill your followers as per our free refill policy.

I don’t need followers I purchased? Can they be removed?

We supply active and real followers. Due to this advantage, once the followers have been delivered, we can’t remove them. However, users can manually block people from a list of followers who they don’t want to see on their Instagram handle. 

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You even can contact us before making a purchase, our team will answer to all your questions regarding our service.