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How to enhance the discoverability on TikTok

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is not the platform to share long essays. It is good to write a short yet catchy caption. You can compel people to comment by consider asking a question by making your caption a little mysterious or using a joke. If you like to boost the engagement then replying to comments will pay off. TikTok sounds play also play a crucial part in your discoverability, using the trending music can help to give you an instant bump to your views. To find out what song is trending, it is good to check out the Tiktok video editor and tap on the plus button and then on Sound to check what are the top trending audios at the moments.

Consider using the sounds your audience is most likely to listen to. It is good to make a shortlist of music you could use in your coming video. Like any other platform, consider uploading videos, when most of your followers are active. This Trick will help your content to have more reach and engagement. Last but not the least, make sure that creativity flows in every content you make and represent the brand in ways that are trending and also represent the true value of your brand.